2016 FTC Season - FIRST RES-Q


The objective of FIRST RES-Q is to attain a higher score than the opposing Alliance by climbing the Mountains, rescuing Climbers, alerting authorities with Rescue Beacons, and clearing Debris. The Scoring Elements for the game are 80 Alliance neutral Debris in the shape of cubes and spheres and 14 Climbers. The game is played in two distinct periods: Autonomous and Driver-Controlled

Autonomous Period

Teams are challenged to design robots that

  1. Activate Rescue Beacons
  2. Relocate Climbers to Shelters
  3. Climb Mountains
  4. Park in a Rescue Beacon Repair Zone or Floor Goal

Robots start the match with up to two pre-loaded Climbers

Driver-Controlled Period

Teams earn points for their alliance by

  1. Cleaning up the disaster area by placing debris inside Alliance-specific Mountain Goals or Floor Goals
  2. Releasing Climbers to ride a Zip Line to safety
  3. Relocating climbers to shelters