2012 - Scorpion

Wins: 38 | Losses: 33 | Ties: 0


Status -


Weight -


Size -


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Notable Achievements

  • MAR Rutgers District Event - Quarterfinalist
  • Palmetto Regional - Quarterfinalist
  • MAR Mount Olive District Event - Semifinalist
  • Mid-Atlantic Region District Championship - Quarterfinalist
  • FIRST Championship - Newton Division - Quarterfinalist

REBOUND RUMBLE is played by two alliances of three teams each compete on a 27-by-54-foot field. They compete to try to score as many baskets as possible in the four hoops set up on each side of the field. These hoops range in scoring from 2 to 6 points in autonomous, and 1 to 3 points in teleop. This years autonomous portion of the game was reinvented to include a human player control by means of a Microsoft Kinect. During Teleop, all robots are controlled by human drivers.The end game for 2012 involved three bridges, one for each alliance, and one to share. The objective was to fit the most robots on the bridge and balance. Teams that could balance with two alliances on the center, shared, bridge would score extra points.