The Design team is the group of students who are in charge of the robot's design.

This team work with the specifications given by FIRST to create the concept for the robot's internal and external design. Utilizing Solidworks, a tool for Computer Aided Drafting, they create computerized models of various parts of the robot. Since they brainstorm, prototype, and create for schematics Mechanical, communication is key. They will create and edit designs, and work with feedback from Mechanical in the long process that goes into creating the final robot.

Functions of the Design Team:

  • Attending, hosting or coordinating department meetings
  • Collaborating with other subteams to produce the final designs for the robot
  • Delegating and reviewing subteam assignments
  • Developing, preparing, analyzing and reviewing designs to fit within the budget constraints
  • Conducting team training on new design developments
  • Guiding and motivating fellow team members
  • Creating innovative designs, drafts, or presentations
  • Meeting team and mentor expectations as it pertains to the robot design
  • Ensuring design quality and that design deliverables are submitted on time

Important skills for a Design member:

  • Technical knowledge of the design process
  • Being creative and innovative
  • Effective supervisory and organizational skills
  • Being able to lead teams
  • Being able to motivate self and team members
  • Being able to resolve issues in a timely manner
  • Being flexible and dependable, adapting to an often changing workload
  • Being able to work in multifaceted working environments
  • Being able to produce quality projects consistently
  • Being able to effectivley communicate digitally and orally