Drive Team

Drive Team is the group of team members that operate the robot and represent MORT on the field during competitions.

Each member has a specialized job. Those are:

  • Coach - Instructs the Driver and Operator, as well as watch the field and predict the actions of the opposing alliance
  • Driver - Controls the drivetrain
  • Operator - Controls the robot's end-effector mechanisms
  • Human Player - Physically participates in the game, typically via handling game elements or signaling the rest of the Drive Team
  • Technician - Troubleshoots the robot

The members of the drive team must be dedicated to their jobs and have a solid understanding of the robot, its systems, and the game rules. After the robot is built and revealed to the public, Drive Team will undergo several weeks of practice before competition.

2019 Drive Team

  • TBD - Driver
  • TBD - End Effector
  • TBD - Coach
  • TBD - Technician
  • TBD - Human Player