The Mechanical team encompasses two main subgroups, both responsible for machining and building the robot each year. The CNC team takes raw pieces of material and converts it into usable robot components such as drive plates, brackets, or anything else that can be machined from a flat piece of metal. The Prototyping & Assembly team prototypes designs at the beginning of build season, and assembles the robot as the CNC team delivers parts to them. Mechanical is responsible for ensuring quality of manufactured parts, testing created designs, providing feedback to the Design team, creating game pieces for the team's practice field, and communicating the status of robot construction with other subteams.

Functions of the Mechanical Team:

  • Checking calculations of designers and other engineers within the team
  • Actively contribute to design and safety reviews from technical standpoint
  • Preparation of technical specifications in liaison with Mechanical Design team and the Project Managers
  • Produce design documentation throughout the design process including scope of works, method statements, risk assessments, technical files and other technical documentation to comply with design standards, safety requirements and the needs of the FIRST Robotics Competition
  • Preparation of installation, commissioning and operating documents
  • Planning and allocation of workload to other members of Mechanical Fabrication team

Important skills for a Mechanical member:

  • Systematic, methodical, exact, quality driven
  • Delivery focused mind-set when working with tight deadlines
  • Approachable, organized, collaborative, and communicative