The Programming team is responsible for writing the code that enables the robot to function, score points in autonomous mode and enhance the driving experience.

Up to the 2010 FRC Season, the Programming team wrote code in C. In following years, the team opted to use Java for its compromise between simplicity and power.

During the six weeks of MORT University, the experienced members of the Programming team work to teach the new members about the electronics of the robot, how to solve problems on their own, and how to work in Java. Starting off with basic syntax, then moving to simple programs, and finally working with production code and API documentation to improve the team's internal tools, as well as learn how to code for different drive systems and end-effector components from past years.

During Build Season, Programming members are split into two groups...

Robot Programming

As designs are finalized by the Design team, the first few weeks are spent simulating and prototyping code for the drive system the robot will be using, determining logic behind the end-effector components, and code for the autonomous modes of the robot. The last three weeks are spent working on stable production code, debugging, and creating comprehensive test cases for use at competitions.

Camera & Navigational Systems Development

While other Programming members work on robot code, another group of students dedicate themselves to the development of efficient vision processing algorithms, and advanced navigational systems utilizing data from a multitude of sensors. This sub-subteam often works extensively with Electrical to ensure the correct mounting and configuration of various sensors.